"Angel, put sad wings around me now.. Protect me from this world of sin, So that we can rise again. Oh angel, we can find our way somehow, Escaping from the world we’re in.. To a place where we began. And I know we’ll find  A better place and peace of mind.. Just tell me that it’s all you want, for you and me. Angel won’t you set me free.. Angel, remember how we’d chase the sun.. Then reaching for the stars at night As our lives had just begun. When I close my eyes, I hear your velvet wings and cry.. I’m waiting here with open arms, oh can’t you see.. Angel shine your light on me! Oh angel, will we meet once more, I’ll pay.. When all my sins are washed away, Hold me inside your wings and stay. Oh! Angel take me far away! Put sad wings around me now.. Angel take me far away! Put sad wings around me now.. So that we can rise again!”
Angel - Judas Priest
Existing image.
Made by me.
© zairavlad

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